I am a passionate leader with a proven track record launching cross-platform products and services. 

I’ve built, managed and motivated interdisciplinary teams from the ground up.

I’m most comfortable being hands on and getting dirty.

I have a passion for design and usability, with a love for figuring things out and solving problems.

I view everything, everyday, in terms of user experience.

I believe that a product should be a 360 degree experience… from the content strategy, to the interactions.

I’m a lover of dogs, sushi and UFC.

I give everything nicknames (which could prove confusing to my dogs)… i.e. Agent Basil = B-man, BB, FattyG, BeeBops, Bopper, My-Bops, Kid, Boy, Boppertunity… and so on…  

I am currently Sr. Mgr. UX at Kaiser Permanente